Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Feng Shui Earth Element

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"Together Again"

original watercolor 20" x 60"
by Trea Christopfer Grey

The Poem and Painting, "Together Again",
Express the Earth Element

Together Again 

In the eternal nature of love
Our souls are at ease

In a timeless embrace
Naturally we settle in
Feeling the whole of creation

This is heart in action -
A love that saturates 
And sustains all things

The Answer Mark™ Represents Comtemplation and Discovery

In what ways are we nurturing
our foundation in harmony

An Invitation to Explore the Earth Element

Click to experience all the images in the Earth Element GalleryThe Earth Element represents the mother, yin - a feminine, grounding force.  Earth Click to experience all the images in the Earth Element Gallery, produced by ashes from Fire, (in the productive Feng Shui cycle), is exemplified and energized with the application of crystals, ceramics, rocks and soil.   The Earth Element is expressed with colors in yellows, ochres, browns, beige and through expansive vistas and strong sensual shapes.  It is  symbolically represented as well, in the angles of squares, rectangles, cubes or similar shapes.  

Opportunities to Embrace the Earth Element

The Earth Element provides you with a rich compost of fertile soil.  Alive with potential, Earth sets into motion a birthing garden for new and long lasting relationship.  It supports and nurtures both romantic and agape love.  When we have a stable foundation beneath us, you can then be at peace to pursue other creations, such as the joys and celebrations in family and building further your dreams. Here are some fresh and exciting ways to interact with this powerful element...

Worlds fo Good Fortune Blessing Silk Scrolls and Scarves...

Earth Element Silk Blessing "Contemplation", one of 6 sumptuous designs embracing the five Feng Shui Elements, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire  and the sixth Worlds of Good Fortune signature Element of Love.  Engaging with these flowing works ot art awakens and releases blessings, enhancing creativity, harmony and effortless flow.

    Feng Shui is an Eastern modality offering productive guidelines for cultivating harmonious relationships with our living environment.  Worlds of Good Fortune dances in concert with these principles as each of the six Blessing Silks reflects and magnifies our dynamic nature and inherent wholeness.

Feng Shui Altar Cards...

Earth Element -
One of six of the
Feng Shui Altar Cards

There is an opportunity to unearth and cultivate the potent and powerful blessings associated with the foundational Element of Earth by placing the Worlds of Good Fortune Earth Element Altar Card in the Southwest, Center and Northeast directions of your home or creative space. This is where the Earth Element is at rest in your environment bringing auspicious Earth energy into your life and abode.  

Place a crystal and/or candle within the folds of the Worlds of Good Fortune Earth Altar Card and this will symbolically anchor your intentions to create healthy, budding relationships...including the awakening of a growing community.

Worlds of Good Fortune Altar Cards are auspicious gifts for family and friends as they support creative, loving intentions to manifest.

Visit the Worlds of Good Fortune Feng Shui Elemental Galleries...

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