Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Feng Shui Water Element

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"Awash in Spirit"

original watercolor 20" x 60"
by Trea Christopfer Grey

The Poem and Painting, "Awash in Spirit",
Express the Water Element

Awash in Spirit 

Awakened and released
Sailing adrift
Floating aloft a rising wave
We are delivered
Into the cradle of mystery
Where we dive to the depths
And resurface buoyant
Bubbling fresh
And new again

The Answer Mark™ Represents Comtemplation and Discovery

What miracles are now gifting fresh expression

An Invitation to Explore the Water Element

Click to experience all the images in the Water Element GalleryAll of life depends on nurturing and sustaining the precious resource, Water. Click to experience all the images in the Water Element Gallery There is an opportunity to honor the miraculous expression of Water, even as you settle your thirst drinking from a simple glass. Contemplate the miracles brought to surface everyday through Water. Cleansing both body and soul, Water cyclically restores and renews you in vitality and health.

Water is a living, vital force, an unbounded vehicle carrying life over land and sky.  It is encoded with life force energy, (ch'i), that it transports in an infusion to All living cells.  Water contains a universal library of information necessary to sustain life.  Water awakens and shapes your world, transmitting in waves, life's natural vibrations. 

We are 60% water.  Your words and the sum of All your thoughts are clearly communicated to every cell in your body through Water. Conscious, creative, heart-felt communication supports wellness and miracles to occur.  You stimulate and refresh healthy ch'i energy by bathing your thoughts and voicing your songs in a positive spirit.  In celebrating Water, you shape your mental and emotional streams of consciousness from an ocean of love. 

Fresh and Exciting Ways to Embrace the Water Element

Worlds fo Good Fortune Blessing Silk Scrolls and Scarves...

Water Element Silk Blessing "Awakening in Glory", one of 6 sumptuous designs embracing the five Feng Shui Elements, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire  and the sixth Worlds of Good Fortune signature Element of Love.  Engaging with these flowing works ot art awakens and releases blessings, enhancing creativity, harmony and effortless flow.

    Feng Shui is an Eastern modality offering productive guidelines for cultivating harmonious relationships with our living environment.  Worlds of Good Fortune dances in concert with these principles as each of the six Blessing Silks reflects and magnifies our dynamic Earth Element Contemplation nature and inherent wholeness.

Feng Shui Altar Cards...

Water Element -
One of six of the
Feng Shui Altar Cards

Envision Mother Earth.  Picture her streams, rivers, lakes and oceans and All of her children, plants and animals, healthy and exuberantly alive.  Share on the enclosed altar card stationary the blessings that you experience right now, living in the gardens of this unique world we call Home.  Further the flow by placing the Worlds of Good Fortune Altar Card, (the Element of Water) in the North direction and/or section of your space.  Place a metal bowl of still Water (Metal produces Water), or place an active Water feature/fountain close by.  Adding some coins will support and enliven the electro-magnetic currents inherent in the Element of Water, activating and recharging our life-force energy fields. 

To understand more the gifts of Water, we suggest exploring the writings of Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Dr. Emoto has photographed thousands of water crystals throughout his years of research, yet few have been as beautiful and life affirming as those formed in the connection to the words "love and gratitude." In his book, The Miracle of Water, Dr. Emoto demonstrates how water's unique role in transporting the natural vibration of these words can help you welcome change and live a more positive and happy life.

Wood, a yang or masculine element, is given life, nurtured and sustained by Water.

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