Art Giclee
Art Giclee

God, for me, represents the undeniable and unexplainable magic that nurtures and inspires evolution in our growing perspective of love.  This magic resides in everyone and everything and the results of it’s ever-present existence are in all ways no less than miraculous.

In response to this enigmatic and irresistible guiding force, I found myself moved to live in Sedona, Arizona.  In 1998, I began a new and amazing journey of self-discovery and passionate creation.

Sedona, Arizona rises like an island at 4500 feet in the northern region of the bountiful southwest United States.  In 1902, T.C. Schnebly opened a postal station here.  In his wife’s honor, he gave the new town her name, Sedona.  .

Sedona provides abundant and necessary sanctuary to a cornucopia of animal and plant life.  For those of us that are graced to live here, she offers the wisdom of the Ancient Ones.  Generosity flows in the elegance of her terrain.  Sacred and illumined red rock temples radiate and tower over a sea of pine, sage-green cypress and juniper forests.  Within these temple gardens, inside the bounty of the divine feminine, artesian springs and numinous waters flow.  Indigenous people living in Sedona going back more than 12.000 years ago have acknowledged and been witness to the majestic and mystery that resides here and often have used these spirited lands as a sacred destination for their vision quests.

And still, today we are a community of wild, loving spirits ... sowing seeds and encouraging creativity beyond what I had dared to know.  Fertile ground, Sedona ... the magic draws accomplished and sensitive healers and artists from around the world.  For me, this passionate southwest treasure opens “portals-of-permission” and continually reveals and unfolds my heartfelt desires in a joyous sharing of beauty and love for all creation, with you.

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