Art Giclee
Art Giclee

First, I'd like to thank... I have much to be grateful for - Wife, family, friends, health, wealth, Sedona, the times we live in, etc. I've been quite fortunate to collaborate with so many genuine talents over the years here in Sedona. Working with Trea and Kimall on The Worlds of Good Fortune project has raised the bar even higher in this regard. This website and the video animations /eCards (currently in the creation process) are testimony.

My work mostly consists of technical consulting, project management and media development. Within that nebulous spectrum I find my self dancing between creating artwork and developing media for the web, audio-visual entertainment, and print.

In addition to the media production process, I have unique experience with the methods necessary to deploy all this lovely content so it can be shared and enjoyed by all the world.

While originally schooled in environmental engineering, my skill set has evolved over the years to include Macintosh technical support, graphic design, website development, animation and video production, database development, large format printing, business consulting and project management. Not formally trained in any, and certainly an expert in none of the above, my balance of creative and technical mindset continues to expand with the challenges of each new project. With the astounding miracle of technology and the collaborative support of my clientele, I will be fortunate to continue helping people and organizations develop and deliver quality exchanges of media and information.

I hope you enjoy this uniquely crafted website experience. Please feel free to email me with any gripes or kudos.

Steve Akash

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