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Art Giclee

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Another Incredible Sedona Sunset

This is the signature piece,

Worlds of
Good Fortune

Worlds of Good Fortune was conceived in the magic of Sedona, Arizona, and in this elegant embrace Trea was launched on an extraordinary, expanding journey into wonder, gratitude, celebration and awe. ”Creating in this spirited community, my artistic vision and life purpose found new horizons, extending the breath and colors of this world.  Brilliant minds and open hearts, magnetized to the magic that abounds here, are unfolding a model for conscious awakening.  This vibrant tribe of beings, with diverse backgrounds from around the globe, joyously come together to honor the preciousness of nature, enriching each connection to the mystery in All-That-Is.  Sedona is expressively alive In the artesian waters, abundant wildlife, all of the elemental frequencies and beings that support life.  Sedona is  a wellspring, a font of generosity sharing freely her beauty and gifts. In her magnificent landscape, there is a beautiful balance and dance of masculine and feminine energies.  I could not have imagined a more inviting garden sanctuary to celebrate extraordinary beauty and wisdom.  Intuitively, we each feel and hear the soundings, the songs and words of ancient and future pathways, clearing the way for spontaneous adventures directly into the heart of being.  Sedona is an expanded, otherworldly paradise of saturated earthy reds and greens - vibrant and alive with sun-filled days that arouse and celebrate the child within us all.” 

A Life of its Own

“Worlds of Good Fortune carries us into an inner garden as well - nurturing our essential selves and encouraging new growth.  Embraced in the sum of our diversity, and in each present moment we are gently guided by an underlying intelligence, taking us into worlds within worlds where the spirit soars.  Simple and complete, magic flows. Worlds of Good Fortune’s loving vibration is exuberant, and nourishes us in the riches of transformation as we dance to the celebration of all life.” 

A Vibrant Conception

“Worlds of Good Fortune is a rich, complex and refined creation.  From conception to birth has been a beautifully unfolding process, years in the making and still counting.  Each inspiration revealed itself on watercolor paper cut to a simple but powerful shape, 20 inches wide by 60 inches tall.  In my minds eye, these long and dramatic dimensions became a tablet, an exotic scroll of timeless origins on which to imprint stories of mythic design.  Of course, in the beginning, I had no idea what stories would come through me.  I believed that each creation would reflect the Sedona landscape, the palpable sensuality and power inherent in these enchanted lands I call home.  Inside this temple “desert island”, a sacred sanctuary of spirit and energetic vortex, I am fully engaged.   From the first painted scroll, the colors flowed organically, spontaneously unveiling stories, one relationship at a time.  I dove into a spontaneously arising impassioned dream to create an intuitive deck of 45 cards, having faith that every necessary component would reveal itself in a natural flow and rhythm.  Like the polishing of a precious jewel, with each world and scroll that was completed, a new facet of Sedona and a new shining vision of our world emerged.”

 Partners in Co-Creation

Kimall Christensen, my partner and brother in creation and spirit, lifts Worlds of Good Fortune beyond measure with his dynamic creative genius, talents and grounded sensibilities.  With Kimall’s wise council, encouragement, faith, support and participation in every aspect, Worlds of Good Fortune has grown into the rich tapestry of offerings that it is today.  As I began painting the scrolls, Kimall and friends would journey onto the ancient lands of Sedona to perform sacred ceremony, calling in healing energies for the benefit of Gaia, our Mother Earth. It was a profound experience for them, and often a wild and fun adventure.   Upon their return, they would often see  the place and the magic they had encountered portrayed in the painting of the day. 

Not a shy creation, the magic of Worlds of Good Fortune
expressed itself clearly, early in it’s evolution. 

The Voice of Worlds of Good Fortune

Our friend Gabriella Young, (our Harmonic Shepherdess and the beautiful voice on our new 2 CD and Gallery book, Unveiling the Gifts) would sit with Trea to draw upon the spirit of these new worlds, traveling into one image and then another looking for treasures, to discover, and bringing forth blessings which were silently awaiting revelation and release.  These blessings became activating titles, opening doorways into each painting - entries into worlds expressing the subtle nature of the heart.  The poetry, Reflections for the Heart grew from these, and then from this poetic expression evolved the Reflection Within - a contemplation to activate each poem’s unique blessing.   When we speak aloud these poetic blessings, the power and potency of each Reflection for the Heart is magnified, endlessly reaching out as a prayer to include all things, all beings and all worlds into the majesty and miracle of love’s presence - the essence of life.   

 Sonic Rhythm

Our debut 2 CD and Gallery book, Worlds of Good Fortune - Unveiling the Gifts is a profoundly potent component in this creation of love - a natural outpouring as we were carried in the momentum of a new language that celebrates our inherent wholeness.  With international talent and Sedona local, John Dumas we created soundscapes for over two years.  A masterful musician and composer with refined sensitivities, John comprehends the powerful and healing capacities of sound to evoke imagery which transports and transforms the spirit.  Each Reflection for the Heart poem was lifted in it’s vibrancy with his care.

 Worlds of Good Fortune Harmonics

Within this sensual and soul-stirring journey the music and spoken word carry the listener into distinct and diverse worlds.  Each selection reflects one of the four Worlds of Good Fortune Harmonic octaves - Wisdom, Embracing, Unfolding and Joy.  Our intention is to infuse the senses, gently inviting and igniting opportunities for celebration and reflection.  We are forming a bridge, transporting us into present moment consciousness, where life’s natural abundance and generosity flows.

 Trea's Early Environment

“I was raised in the northwest, and felt very comfortable in those verdant surroundings.  As my Mom, Hazel, would enthusiastically share regarding our move to Oregon from southern California, “Oregon isn’t green - it is green-green.”  So excited and accurate in her perception - the Pacific Northwest is very green-green.  I fell in love immediately with the life-giving waters and boisterous, lush gardens.  I felt secure and nurtured in a temperate climate that abounded in unfolding, glorious color.  

 Artistic Migration

Ten years ago, I discovered a wholly new environmental feeling moving from Oregon to Sedona.  The fiery, illumined red rock monolithic temples impressed upon me a sense of ancient, otherworldly realms.  It took awhile to not feel foreign in this landscape, this intergalactic treasure, so unique and alive in it’s signature vibration.  In my paintings and scrolls, I am passionate about color and make clear, conscious choices that rely on signature vibration - a resounding attribute that distinguishes a color.  I seek the spirit of color - it’s living radiance. Interestingly enough, I have been tested and labeled "color blind".  I have therefore learned to trust and develop my intuitive abilities when engaging with color.  When I am asked what it means to be color blind, I am reminded of a story.  While driving around Sedona on errands, I  observed a car coming in my direction.  As it passed me I thought to myself, “I really like the color of that car .... and then my next thought was ... I wonder what color that is?”

I seek out relationships with color that clarify and amplify the spirit of the story
being told ... and seeing color in this unique way, perhaps adds another
dimension to my work, offering opportunities for the imagination. 

 Playful Invitation

Worlds of Good Fortune is a bridge that Kimall and I have created, and it is offered in joy to everyone wanting to share and play. Worlds of Good Fortune presents an easy and fun entry into the infinite blessings that are alive in the present moment.  Delighting in this gift of love, may it take us all into realms where the senses are heightened into boundless creativity and adventure.  

 Shared Blessings

Kimall shares, “Worlds of Good Fortune is a language of the heart, where we are gently guided into our innate masteries - potent blessings and gifts inherent in human nature. These subtle and dynamic energies can enliven and enhance each choice we make in our daily lives, moving us forward, giving us direction to know more fully our own Selves and our profound potential.  Choreographed in sound and color and channeled through the heart, Worlds of Good Fortune embraces our eternal innocence, attuning us to a greater vision that reveals itself in abundance, beauty and ecstatic peace.”  


Trea Christopher Grey
Kimall Christensen

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