Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Welcome dear friends and thank you for coming aboard Worlds of Good FortuneTrea Christopher Grey and Kimall Christensen, founding artists and architects of Worlds of Good Fortune are excited to share with you this expression of love.  May Worlds of Good Fortune uplift and carry us all on ecstatic winds, through an awesome, fun-filled adventure!  It is our pleasure at Sedona Skies Galleries to introduce you to an infinite circle of love that keeps on gifting.


In a symphony of consciousness, Worlds of Good Fortune gently invites us to open to all of the senses.  In a vivid collection of visionary art, poetry and music revealed through the heart, we are inspired to allow our innate creative juices to flow free. 

Worlds of Good Fortune can cultivate a natural state where we feel wholly and deeply embraced by compassion and love. Carried effortlessly into worlds within worlds, we are delivered into the soft sweet nature of ourselves, a sanctuary that is deliciously calming, revitalizing and strengthening. 

Come join with us in this extraordinary adventure - a journey that delights the senses and quiets the mind ... centering our being.  Moving through Worlds of Good Fortune we dance in natural rhythms, in balance and in peace with all worlds.

As you play and discover the many gifts offered,  please consider sharing a comment or testimonial using our comment form. At Sedona Skies we love to hear about your adventures and new discoveries! Make sure and check out the latest on the Worlds of Good Fortune Blog.

For easy navigation within your Worlds of Good Fortune journey,
we offer some beginning suggestions:

  Visit our Complimentary e-card page.  Here, you will discover our new complimentary video e-card, Pivotal Landmark.  This is an exquisite and beautiful opportunity to share a Worlds of Good Fortune blessing with your friends and loved ones. This is the first in our upcoming series of fully animated video cards.

  To listen to samples from the Worlds of Good Fortune, Unveiling the Gifts, our 2 CD and 65 page Gallery book, please, take a moment and visit our new MP3 listening station, where you can download your favorite MP3 tracks from the Unveiling the Gifts 2 CD collection.

  We invite you to explore our three, Worlds of Good Fortune Galleries - The Heartland Gallery, The Inner Companion Gallery and the Feng Shui Gallery.  To feel more deeply the special, unique qualities and gifting of each painting and poem, The Heartland Gallery and The Inner Companion Gallery is organized into four signature tones called Harmonics - WisdomEmbracingUnfolding and  Joy

  The Feng Shui Gallery, each painting is organized to reveal it’s dominant Feng Shui Elemental energy - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Love.  This gives an easy reference to discover the perfect Feng Shui painting and poem to remedy, regulate and balance healthy Ch’i energy flow in yourself and your surroundings.

  We are especially delighted to introduce our NEW line of decorative / wearable art. Our sensuous Blessing Silks are perfect for traditional decorating as well as wardrobe enhancement. The images chosen for this series embrace each of our Feng Shui Elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Love. This is a great way to take the joy of this art form anywhere, enlivening any space or ensemble.

We at Sedona Skies Galleries, home of Worlds of Good Fortune, in heartfelt gratitude and with great enthusiasm are gifting 10% of our net profit with clean water projects around the world.

Thank you for your presence.

May Worlds of Good Fortune Bless us Always
and in all ways on this grand and evolving adventurous journey.

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