Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Reflections for the Heart poetry is an invitation into the inner blessings and powerful, creative forces inherent within each painting and ourselves.  Each of the 45 Heartland paintings correspond to a personal and distinctive Reflection for the Heart and a Reflections Within Contemplation.  There is a single Reflection for the Heart written for The Inner Companion series that embraces the magic of all The Inner Companion images. Attuning to the subtle yet extraordinary gifts available in each Reflection for the Heart poem, we seed a growing experience of love that enlivens our whole being.  New worlds are created in positive, conscious awareness. 

Cultivating New Roots

Our voice is a wise and dynamic instrument. Speaking aloud Reflections for the Heart is a simple and potent way to integrate Worlds of Good Fortune blessings into our life and intentionally vibrationally extend those blessings into our world and beyond.  Every voice has an intimate quality and unique resonance that brings forth inner wisdom and hidden potentials.  Speaking aloud your Reflection for the Heart activates and manifests these gifts.

Cultivating New Roots
Weaving celestial patterns
In spontaneous and unpredictable ways
Enlarging our world and opening new doors
We are stepping out
Taking in a fuller breath
Responding to the needs of the whole
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Each poem’s title stimulates the imagination with both a gentle metaphor and opens a potent portal.  Through this unfolding gateway, we are instantly and effortlessly transported and harmonically attuned to  the blessings of each painting and poem.

We invite you to journey and experience the full resonance of each Reflections for the Heart. Play! Trust your intuition. Emphasize all that you wish to make manifest.  Delight in all the new ways your voice illuminates this wisdom.

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