Art Giclee
Art Giclee

To experience the Rhythmic Union Scroll is to blossom spontaneously in the exuberant depths of inner-play.  Each magnificent scroll highlights a sublime marriage - one of the 45 Heartland paintings, side by side with it’s corresponding Inner Companion image.  

In union, ignited in exquisite counterpoint, there is the awareness of an electric, illumining presence in hand.  Activated by unique and precise inverse color spectrums, singular and unified fields play and merge...  distinct relationships come alive, radiating a Harmonic that is both soothing and powerfully stimulating.

View the Heartland painting or The Inner Companion in their singular form...and then, to experience the Rhythmic Union Scroll, feel the senses gently extend to include a quantum leap in harmonic frequency.  Nuance and form, previously unrecognized in the individual landscapes, are brought to consciousness where we see added dimension.  Vibrating in concert, each world is energized in magnetic circuitry.  A window opens where we see ourselves turning the soil of a growing imagination.  These dramatic and elegant scrolls are sensually palpable, sustaining a force that revitalizes and enhances creative flow.     

Rhythmic Union Scrolls are printed on Evo fabric, using archival inks.  Two Worlds of Good Fortune landscapes are hung from an elegant single acrylic scroll bar with beautiful brushed metal fittings.  

Rhythmic Union Scrolls come in two sizes, accommodating a variety of spaces and varying interior scale.

Scroll Image Selection

To select and purchase Rhythmic Union Double Scroll images, visit
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Available Fabric Scroll Sizes...

When you select "Add to Cart" from any image detail page within the Heartlands, Inner Companion or Feng Shui Galleries, the shopping cart will automatically include both The Inner Companion Image and its paired Heartlands Image in your order.


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