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"There has never been a time that is more pregnant with possibility and so perfect for Worlds of Good Fortune to delight the human race with a reminder of what our true abundance and true riches are all about. Though we are in insecure times financially because of the economy, Worlds of Good Fortune points us to that which is our ultimate wealth, our true inheritance, that which does not come and go.
I use all the different cards and different art pieces in my home and in my practice as a healer therapist.  This beautiful fine art welcomes the guests as they enter into my sanctuary, 'Your Heart’s Home'. Continue Reading...

Ranjita, Sedona, AZ

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"For us, our Worlds of Good Fortune paintings have brought the mystery of space, time, and beauty into our living space.  They are a magnificent blend of another world with our exquisite view brought into the real world of our living room.  They continue to bring us so much visual pleasure.  Thank you for your brilliant creativity."

Susan & Eric Henkels, Sedona, AZ

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 "I look so darn happy with my art work.  And I am.  Since choosing and receiving my beautiful, up lifting art from Worlds of Good Fortune I feel as if my living room space has come alive.  It makes me so happy to look at and feel this inspired art on my walls. And when my friends come into my home that is the first thing they see and comment on. Its so much fun. The biggest challenge is choosing the ones you love the most for your space, because they are all so amazingly beautiful and dynamic."

Gloria Reeder, Sedona, AZ

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  “The art work from Worlds of Good Fortune has graced the school with great beauty and spaciousness. The feeling of the pieces, along with the poetry that accompanies each piece resonate with the soul of the school. Our students also enjoy playing with the divination cards!”

Nancy Matthews, owner, Sedona School of Massage

  "Each morning I wake up and the first thing I see is the beautiful silk scarf on my wall. It's a wonderful site to see first thing in the morning. The colors are so beautiful. Yesterday morning I woke up and not only did I see it, but I felt its presence. It felt like this huge loving spirit standing in my room watching over me as I slept. Many many years ago when I was going through a very difficult time in my life I awoke one morning to a presence standing in the corner of my room emitting such love and kindness that I KNEW I had been visited by a very loving spirit. I felt the same way yesterday morning when I woke and felt the loving presence that emits from the scarf. I don't know if you've had this experience with the scarves or not, but I suspect you have and you know exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you both so much for the love you are sharing with the world through your vibrational art forms. The waves of love your art emits is profound. The ripple of love is felt far beyond what you can know. So please stay focused on that, and only that and never worry about the financial aspect of this offering to the world. THAT will take care of itself."

Kenna A, Sedona, AZ

  "WOW! beautiful art!  Beautiful poetry!  The incredible set of greeting cards we recieved as a wedding gift are so "us" and we are very inspired by them!"

Eliza Akeroyd, Victoria, BC

  "I love that Steve has had the chance to work with you and bring the vibrant colors and beauty of the art work to life in the DVD. I fell in love with the art work when I first saw it - each piece has its own stunning color. It's like stepping into a heavenly dimension."

Sally Gallwey, Malibu, CA

  "Worlds of Good Fortune is now in the hands of Dr. John Gray (author of "Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus") and his wife Bonnie and they loved it!!!

Rick Reynolds, Sacramento CA

  "Trea, Your art and site is amazing.
I think your site and my friend Starlight's site at are two of the coolest sites I've seen that give the viewer a sense of wonder and exploration.
My deepest thanks to you and Kimall."

Jon, Portland, OR

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 "Looking at 'Emergence' is a daily meditation for us. We appreciate the beauty and the grounding it brings to our lives."

Beth & Michael, Chapel Hill, NC

  "Wow, the scarves are soooooooo pretty. We have decided to hang them and let the breeze make them dance. We have a friend who has a groovy yoga studio and boutique and I think your highly spiritual, sensitive and beautiful work would be perfect for her. I am loving you with such purity and so grateful for the opportunity to experience your gifts".

Tina, Palm Beach, FL

  "I absolutely love the whole Worlds of Good Fortune package.  The world is being blessed by your generous spirit.  My plan is to share your gift far and wide with the intention that it will bring blessings of healing to many."

Sarah Naylor, Cornville, AZ

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 "Your scarves can make anyone look lovely! I do love my Worlds of Good Fortune scarf."

Liz Coleman, Eugene, OR

  "Thank you for your most beautiful, soothing and inspirational book.  I find myself picking it up over and over again and I have already embraced my favorites, such as "Seeing Through" and "Awash in Spirit".  

Barbara Church, Sedona, AZ

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  “Seeing Through was the image I unconsciously chose as a visual guide for this next passage in my life. I was feeling ready for a liberating change—I had finished a great chunk of old, personal work.
When I saw and “experienced” Trea’s painted image two years ago, I was moved by its startling clarity. I knew, as Sydney knew, this was the image to illuminate us in our home.
“A flood of light... And our past falls away to new meaning—Light connecting with Light.”
Now, two years later—I am in a fresh, new space—seeing and living-into enormously integrative and creative possibilities.
“I am doing those things I’ve always wanted to—it was a Seeing Through.”
The power of these beautiful visual guides, as portals into the possible, IS the Worlds of Good Fortune experience. By inviting one’s own deep resonance with images, sounds and words—your unconscious gets to bring forward the gift it is ready to give. What an inspiring and loving co-creator this work is! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Valerie Hunter & Sydney Lee, Portland, OR

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