Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Poetry for Coming Together

Magnetically drawn 
To the Heart of matter 

Held in infinite grace 
Embraced in radiant light

Around the globe
 Are expressing 
Heaven on Earth 

Brothers and Sisters 
 Exploring new realities 
Traveling ancient and future pathways 
Growing together
In union

The power of this nature 
Magnifies and clarifies self-expression 
Healing ourselves
In ways we had not dreamed 

Gateways into the Mystery unfold 
Birthing new realities 
Engulfing and transforming the creative spirit 
A natural outcome 
To live with the heart open


We dance to a spirited beat 
Trusting our thoughts, emotions, and guidance

We laugh in the celebration of kinship
And the desire for more

More understanding
More joy
More peace 
More love

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