Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Transformational Fire of Creative Passion


original watercolor 20" x 60"
by Trea Christopfer Grey

Unfolding is the third harmonic. Be ready for surprises! This dynamic harmonic offers a vibrant, inner movement of color and sound. Its inherent blessing is the transformational fire of creative passion. The Unfolding Harmonic lights up the temple of body and mind. It is warm, healing and sensuous - the fiery nature of passionate love and the renewal of its active expression. Freeing innate capacities, it ignites cellular memory and knowing. We are thoroughly revitalized, enjoying the delicious, warm vibrations of our expanding awareness and activated sensory system.

The physical body is so much more than it appears to be, with a special role to fulfill. We are a divine body having a physical experience.  More than any of the other harmonics The Unfolding Harmonic includes and reveals the magnitude of the physical body as a divine instrument.

Select a Harmonic from the Heartland Galleries below



The Wisdom Harmonic Gallery invites us to remember our Royal nature and inheritance in love.  

This Gallery also includes the signature painting and poem, Worlds of Good Fortune. 

The feeling tone for the Embracing Harmonic Gallery is soft, feminine, magnetic and nurturing.  The blessings of this Harmonic invite deep inner listening and stillness celebrating the preciousness in being.

The blessings of the Unfolding Harmonic Gallery awaken the fire of creative passion.

Warm, sensuous and healing, this Harmonic lights up the temple body and mind.

The Joy Harmonic Gallery offers the blessings of integration and wholeness.  It is vibrant, sensual and exuberant - Paradise!  We are divine children, delighting in life, playfully expressing ourselves in creative wonder and beauty.


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