Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Worlds of Good Fortune Heartland Two Day Journey


Take your heart out into the vast fields of light -
and let it breathe. - Hafiz

The Two Day Heartland Journey is a playful, intimate journey through the Heartland visionary landscapes, revealing ourselves and making available fresh dimensions of being and communication. This is an opportunity to engage directly (hands-on!) with all 45 paintings in the Heartland Gallery and their accompanying Reflections for the Heart and Reflections Within.

For two days, we immerse ourselves in a rich domain of transformative color and sound. Meditation, music, movement, aromatherapy and the power of the spoken word support us in opening fresh pathways for creative consciousness. Expanding our vision, we learn new ways to explore the wisdom inherent in creativity, joy and playfulness.

Each Heartland painting is a sacred site reflecting sacred sites within. In the Heartland Journey, we awaken the memory and purpose of these sacred sites, joyfully opening and interacting with them.

Worlds of Good Fortune 2 Day Journey - nurtured by nature, Sedona

Through a deep, inner and communal experience, we explore the four harmonics: Wisdom, Embracing, Unfolding and Joy. Their playful patterns, rhythms and overtones open windows to our soul, the universe and each other.

As we play with the Heartland imagery and poetry, we cultivate inner depths of intuitive wisdom, heart-confidence and strengthening power to embrace the riches that come with change. We discover that the harmonics of color and sound are integral food for the soul and experience their unique role in opening consciousness.

Irresistibly, the Heartlands evoke wonder and gratitude and invite us to play wholeheartedly. Their refining resonance ignites new perceptive faculties, empowering us to participate dynamically and delightfully in shaping our world.

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