Art Giclee
Art Giclee

The Light Connection October 2009

Review by Chiwah

Late last year, I wrote a review of a line of products from Sedona Skies that included altar cards, giclee prints, fabric scrolls, greeting cards, a book with two CDs, and more, all featuring the sumptuous art of Trea Christopher Grey.  I mentioned the CDs, but focused more on the other items.  This summer I had occasion to visit Trea and his partner, Kimall Christensen, at their gracious home in the hills of Sedona, where I was treated to a feast of music, art, and openhearted joy far beyond anything I can convey in words.

I was ... speechless in Sedona.  Now that I’ve rediscovered my tongue, I hope to do some semblance of justice to two of their products I shortchanged last winter: their incredibly beautiful line of Blessing Silks.  Read on; you’ll see soon enough why I have chosen to present the silks and the CD/book set together.

Let’s start with the gorgeous, vibrant sensuous silks.  Opulent in color and texture, elegant in flow, these immense scarves promise to transport you to octaves heretofore unknown to man or woman.  Truly, I have no words to match those of Trea: “God, for me, represents the undeniable and unexplainable magic that nurtures and inspires evolution in our growing perspective of love.  This magic resides in everyone and everything ...” and the evidence of its ubiquitous presence is “in all ways no less than miraculous.”  And the exquisite magic of the Blessing Silk is nothing if not miraculous.  Kimall draped one ‘round my neck and my heart took to the air.  The scarves come in six unique designs; the one they chose for me was alive with Scorpio reds and aqua blues and greens, of course.

As for the two CDs and the 65-page gallery book filled with art and poetry --- get comfy.  Settle back and breathe; you’re in for a multimedia treat.  The instrumental CD overflows with the musical genius of John Dumas on flute, didgeridoo, keyboard, percussion and guitar, an inspired “symphony of consciousness” angels couldn’t improve upon.

Let the muse take you away ... but not so far that you can’t turn the pages.  Each of the fourteen musical masterpieces expresses itself in color in the book: music unfolding before your eyes, color singing into your soul.  The second CD offers up Gabrielle Young’s expressive, breathy reading of the fourteen free-flowing poems featured in sumptuous elegance against a black backdrop on right-hand pages that open up like French doors to reveal inspiring questions  The fresh and soul-enlivening poetry on the left-hand pages is beautifully complemented by the munificent play of colors radiating from Trea’s fourteen mood-inducing Heartland paintings in a living, passionate celebration of visual ecstasy.

Now, to my reason for presenting the silks side-side with the  music and poetry: for a limited time, you can take advantage of introductory pricing online and walk away with it all.  Purchase any Silk for $120 and receive a FREE copy of the Gallery Book and 2 Audio CD set - (regularly $22.00).  You receive a combined value of $162.00 for this special price.

The combination of silks with the poetry and music makes this a gorgeous gift for the royalty in your life.  Remember, the holidays are coming.

More reviews coming soon. Thanks.  

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