Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Worlds of Good Fortune Heartland Four Day Journey


A Journey through the Heartlands, the Inner Companion
and their Dance Together.

We embrace in a flow of living color and sound
In a playful field of vision
Where the seer and sighted are one
And that which we did not know we knew
In our cells and being
- from The Inner Companion Poem

We begin with the Heartland Two Day Journey. With this foundation, we move into the worlds of the Inner Companion. We interact directly with all 45 intuitive landscapes from the Inner Companion Gallery, the counterpoint dance to the paintings in the Heartlands Gallery.

The Inner Companion Journey opens in-depth visioning, in a playful field of open dimensionality. It offers an intimate experience of subtle dimensions and worlds of harmony and beauty. Through color, sound and the principle of harmonic resonance, the Inner Companion redirects our awareness to essential depths of mystery, space, multiple color spectrums and ourselves.

Worlds of Good Fortune 4 Day Journey - on the land, Sedona

Letting go of personal biography and familiar moorings, we enter a larger, more fluid dreamfield or matrix. Mysterious and compelling, it is a mystic cosmography composed of vibration, color, wave and subtle, luminous realms which our soul knows intimately.

Here, images are pure symbol, serenely reverberating with archetypal presence. The Inner Companions resonate through the visible and invisible, bridging worlds of consciousness. Mirrors of the soul, their magnetic, healing and opening powers illumine intuitive depths of imagination, beauty, understanding and joy. The Inner Companion poem and titles of the paintings are keys unlocking thresholds of awareness.

As the Inner Companion, we revisit the Heartlands and explore their dance with the Inner Companion within the four harmonic movements; Wisdom, Embracing, Unfolding and Joy. Guided visualization, journaling, art, music, aromatherapy, movement and the spoken word enhance our experience. We receive, record, express and share spontaneous gifts that flow throughout the journey.

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