Art Giclee
Art Giclee

The Wizard

Passionate and ingenious designer with a background in architecture and landscape architecture and cofounder of Sedona Skies publishing and Worlds of Good Fortune, Kimall is the rock, the steady hand, holding together this creation of love.  HIs invaluable presence and enthusiasm has spirited vital insights, propelling Worlds of Good Fortune forward in fresh and enlivening ways.

Nature is his ever expanding book of knowledge, beauty his guiding light and creativity his abiding joy.  He is a profoundly gifted leader in love, embracing and honoring All life, sharing freely the wisdom necessary to see dreams unfold.

Kimall has cultivated a collection of diverse artistic expression: sacred gardens, fine art photography, and digital imaging to name just a few.  In gratitude, he shares freely his talents, tilling new soil within his community, locally and globally - sowing fertile ground for All who live here on this sacred planet, Mother Earth.

Simple or complex concepts, from fresh and innovative greeting cards to kinetic light sculpture, Kimall has introduced beautiful and refined prototypes that allow us to explore each creation in very real and intimate ways.

Kimall says: “It is our dream that Worlds of Good Fortune provide humanity with the opportunity to remember the feeling of being One with the Source of life - to soar with our wings spread wide, empowering the best of who we are.  May the spirit of Worlds of Good Fortune touch us always, reflecting our inherent wisdom and love, expressing fully, this most precious, evolving creation ... ourselves and our natural universal world.”

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