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Worlds of Good Fortune - Unveiling the Gifts
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Sedona Skies Gallery is excited to share with you our 2 CD and 65
page Gallery Book, Worlds of Good Fortune - Unveiling the Gifts.

Unveiling the Harmonics

In a potent synergy of ecstatic art, poetry and music we are guided into a symphony of consciousness infusing the senses. Celebrating the power of dynamic creativity and love, we set sail on a divinely intelligent journey.  In this unique and rich collection is included a sampling of the four Worlds of Good Fortune Harmonics:

Color and sound dance through our awareness, passionate reminders of our essential Self.  Playful melodies of assurance and well being light up a foundation of wholeness, carrying us through a full range of harmonic octaves.

Unveiling the Images and Words

Open the Gallery Book to discover one of the 14 Heartland paintings - a living, sensuous language of color and verse, fresh and enlivening to the soul.  Sound unfolds color, color sings.  Distinct and diverse worlds unfold where we witness and recognize other levels of being. 

Accompanying these visionary landscapes on the opposite page are Worlds of Good Fortune poems, Reflections for the Heart.   Reading aloud these poems activate and release the blessings in ourselves and our greater world. 

When ready, unfold this page to reveal the Heartland’s complementary counterpart, The Inner Companion and a contemplation we call, Reflection Within.  The poetry, Reflections for the Heart and the Contemplation, Reflection Within are poetic tastes of our royal inheritance in love.  Reflection Within opens the gateway to the blessings inherent within each Heartland painting.  More important than answering the Contemplation is opening ourselves to it.  This simple openness stimulates the release of the gifts in hand. 

Unveiling the Rhythm and Sound

Music by
John Dumas
As a pioneer in sound healing, musician and composer, John Dumas reveals the essence of the each image and poem.  Performance and recording artist, Gabrielle Young, lovingly guides us into the joy and gifts within each Reflection for the Heart poem.  John and Gabrielle comprehend the power and healing capacities of sound, evoking imagery that transports and transforms the spirit.

Unveiling the Gifts begins with our signature track, Worlds of Good Fortune -  celebrating the wisdom of love in an eternal sea of conscious creation. This track is available as a gift to you as a FREE MP3 Download.  The poem, The Inner Companion, in the concluding track (#14) of Unveiling the Gifts embraces all the Inner Companion landscapes. The Inner Companion takes us on a journey into lands, magnetic and compelling, where space is alive to renew all things.

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"Unveiling the Gifts" Gallery Book
and 2 CD set of Music and Poetry
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Art, Poetry Book, 2 CD SetThis elegantly bound collection includes 65 full color pages of images and poetry, as well as 28 delightful audio tracks on 2 CDs.

Free Audio Downloads and Samples Available

SPECIAL OFFER - Save 50% by downloading all 28 MP3 tracks for only $12.99, or get all 28 MP3 downloads FREE when you purchase the art & poetry gallery book, "Unveiling the Gifts".

A sensual and soul-stirring fusion of indigenous flutes, didgeridoo, keyboard, saz, guitar, ambient synthesizer, percussion and the spoken word, Worlds of Good Fortune balances the day and sets a verdant tone for dream time.

CD One - Instrumental with Poetry, CD Two - Instrumental Only

Please consider visiting our MP3 listening station where you can listen to samples of all 28 tracks on our new Worlds of Good Fortune, Unveiling the Gifts, two CD and Gallery Book set.  Every Unveiling the Gifts track is available individually to purchase as a MP3 download.  

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