Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Worlds of Good Fortune is a symphony of consciousness
unfolding in four harmonic movements:

These movements are composed in color and sound.

Individually, each movement is a complete octave and has a unique tone or resonance that dances through our awareness.  Vibration or sound unfolds as color; color sings.  Pure resonant vibration harmonizes and restructures the very geometry of our cells.  Color and sound are vital for the soul as breath is vital to the physical body, providing nutrients which nourish our essence and being.  

Each of the four Worlds of Good Fortune Harmonics gently carries us on a journey - joyful, vibrant and divinely intelligent, full of surprises and illumining truth.  Engaging in these melodic octaves we connect with distinct songs, each with unique offerings of assurance and well being that light up and ground our foundation of wholeness.  

The universe is an elegant, loving intelligence and sound and color are the sculpting tools of creation which support life’s unfolding in harmony, peace, balance and divine order.  As flow in motion, we are interconnected like chords in a symphony, and dynamically moved through our lives within the interplay of color and sound. 

Within Worlds of Good Fortune the color, poetry and sound are a living, sensuous medium of sharing and communication where we can witness and recognize other levels of being. We touch our invisible Self.  Within these harmonics, wise and articulate in their embrace, we dance, together, orchestrating worlds - Worlds of Good Fortune.

Select a Harmonic from the Heartland Galleries below



The Wisdom Harmonic Gallery invites us to remember our Royal nature and inheritance in love.  

This Gallery also includes the signature painting and poem, Worlds of Good Fortune. 

The feeling tone for the Embracing Harmonic Gallery is soft, feminine, magnetic and nurturing.  The blessings of this Harmonic invite deep inner listening and stillness celebrating the preciousness in being.

The blessings of the Unfolding Harmonic Gallery awaken the fire of creative passion.

Warm, sensuous and healing, this Harmonic lights up the temple body and mind.

The Joy Harmonic Gallery offers the blessings of integration and wholeness.  It is vibrant, sensual and exuberant - Paradise!  We are divine children, delighting in life, playfully expressing ourselves in creative wonder and beauty.


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