Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Gabrielle Young is a performance and recording artist featuring the ecstatic poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Lalla and other masters. She facilitates spiritual retreats and training in healing arts and sciences and has a private practice in vibrational healing and aromatherapy.  In her programs, embodying sacred passion, Gabrielle synthesizes mystical teachings from Sufi and other wisdom traditions, supporting conscious heart awakening for each individual participant.

Gabrielle Young has honed her being and her art. She is an alchemist of movement, gesture and word, gifting a long draught of the elixir of love that turns the dross of being into the gold of truth.
- Andrew Harvey, poet, mystic author and teacher

A note from Trea about Gabrielle

Gabrielle Young has gifted Kimall, myself and Worlds of Good Fortune with unique perspectives, both gentle and crystal clear, revealing vast and subtle beauty that resides in our heart. We are honored to share Gabrielle’s voice with you, the signature voice of Worlds of Good Fortune on our web site, Worlds of Good Fortune audio CD’s and upcoming performances. Her direct experience with ecstatic poetry and the mystical teachings through the Beloved has refined and enriched the quality and content of our creation. We are thankful for her attunement and wisdom with color and sound, her invaluable unfolding of Worlds Of Good Fortune Harmonics and envisioning and facilitating our Two and Four Day Journeys. We encourage you to experience the depths of Worlds of Good Fortune through these special offerings.

A Note from Gabrielle Young
Journeying with Worlds of Good Fortune

Worlds of Good Fortune is a delight! It heralds the arrival of a fresh, new harmonic whose keynote is our foundation in harmony and beauty. A matrix of renewal, these clear transmissions open the heart, unveiling intuitive depths of awareness.

I have had the honor of participating in the birthing process of Worlds of Good Fortune. I felt and responded immediately to the energy and presence of Trea’s paintings, to the immensity, timeliness and wisdom of the gift. Trea, Kimall and I journeyed together through each Heartland visionary landscape and poem. This was a multidimensional journey of revelatory giftings - and, for myself, an instant love affair. The Harmonics; Wisdom, Embracing, Unfolding and Joy, revealed themselves. I felt myself being honed and refined by the soft alchemy of these spiritual midwives.

Beautiful playmates - Trea and Kimall, Worlds of Good Fortune’s co-creators and stewards. Trea and Kimall are generous, compassionate beings who, by nature, embody their commitment to spill the wine of creativity in inspiring and magnetic ways, providing a wonderful bridge for others to be welcomed and embraced in synergistic, harmonious play.

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