Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Wrapped in your luxuriant Blessing Silk you are transported into vibrant realms of unbounded beauty.

The mind is quieted, centered in harmony and well-being.

Nourished and elegantly lifted in gentle poetic contemplation feel yourself carried in the sweet potent nature of the heart.

The temple body lights up ... Radiant! ... In a wellspring of love and effortless flow.

100% Silk Chiffon 23" x 71"
Six Beautiful Elemental Designs

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  • The Collection

    Celebrate yourself In sumptuous Blessing Silks...

    The Blessing Silks Collection includes six elemental silks:
    Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Love

    Product Information

    Choose from 6 sumptuous designs embracing the five Feng Shui Elements, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire  and the sixth Worlds of Good Fortune signature Element of Love.  Engaging with these flowing works ot art awakens and releases blessings, enhancing creativity, harmony and effortless flow.

    Feng Shui is an Eastern modality offering productive guidelines for cultivating harmonious relationships with our living environment.  Worlds of Good Fortune dances in concert with these principles as each of the six Blessing Silks reflects and magnifies our dynamic creative nature and inherent wholeness..

  • Earth Element

    Earth Element Contemplation

    Still point is the vehicle to this awareness
    Where we weigh all things
    We open ourselves to new possibility
    With empathic dreaming,
    Filling the cup of consciousness.
    Magnetic powers of attention
    Gather the stories,
    Renewing the order of our world.
    This is an expanded focus,
    And I am taking a back seat
    To enjoy the ride.

    What lives in the silence that gives

    Earth Element

    The Earth Element is represented in the Worlds of Good Fortune painting, Contemplation.  Wearing the blessings of the Earth Element, we nurture both romantic and agape love.  We send loving messages to heal relationships with family, especially to the Mother, both our Birth Mother and Mother Earth.

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  • Metal Element

    Metal Element Poem

    "Beneficial Innocence"

    It is stunningly simple
    The time is now
    And we are the one
    We are lifted in loving arms
    It is all good
    Playful choices
    And a blessed path
    Free to be bold
    Free to take bold steps

    What new trails are we blazing
    with only faith in our heart

    Metal Element

    In wearing the blessing silk, Beneficial Innocence, reflecting the Feng Shui Metal Element, the preciousness of children including the Inner Child is embraced, honored and celebrated.  The eternal, inner golden light of innocence shines bright, free to explore newfound adventure. In wonder and awe, you are carried in an ever-flowing font of blessings alive in every moment.

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  • Water Element

    Water Element Image, Poem

    "Awakening in Glory"

    Illuminated and fresh to the core
    The world unfolds
    Taking in the juices of our arrival
    The body yields
    In a flood of blessings, Free
    Touched by all that is
    Blossoming in waves
    of crystalline clarity
    All veils are lifted
    Sounding a chorus
    Echoing the heart
    A gathering of lovers
    Taking in the vastness of divinity
    Rejoicing in that which we bring

    In what ways is the beauty of all creation alive in me

    Water Element Contemplation

    Through Water, all thoughts are communicated clearly to every cell in the body.  Heartfelt communication supports wellness and opens the door for miracles to occur. Wearing the fluid blessings in the silk Water Element, Awakening in Glory, we celebrate the shaping of our mental and emotional streams of consciousness from an ocean of love.

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  • Wood Element

    Wood Element Image, Poem

    "Cultivating New Roots"

    Weaving celestial patterns
    In spontaneous
    And unpredictable ways
    Enlarging our world
    And opening new doors
    We are stepping out
    Taking in a fuller breath
    To the needs of the whole

    In what ways are we branching
    out that stimulate fertile soil
    for all our relations

    Wood Element Contemplation

    Wrapped in the verdant blessings of the Wood element, Cultivating New Roots, we set seed for new ventures and budding creativity. Dance, practice yoga, stretch ... reach upward in inspired movement, great-full today for tomorrow's gardens.  While wearing the blessings of the Wood element, we have an opportunity to send love and give thanks to all the ancestors, exemplified in the Wood element in the heritage of old growth forests.  It is the dream of our lineage that we might live to experience the fruit of our potential.

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  • Fire Element

    Fire Element Image, Poem

    "Ignited Passion"

    Touching the dream
    Currents of light
    Charge through us
    Awakening and encouraging
    Dynamic presence
    Clear penetrating energy
    Radiant and expanding out
    Releasing vital expression
    All systems are go!
    These flames
    Are blazing in promise

    In what ways are we allowing
    the creative fire to gift us
    through spontaneous expression

    Fire Element Contemplation

    To be fueled in the Fire Element, Ignited Passion sparks and illumines a vibrant dance within, where potent adventures are set free.  Passionate, spontaneous expression is our soul€™s birthright - bringing forth vital creation.  Bask in the radiance of who you are when wearing the blessings of the Fire Element and €œlight up your life€.

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  • Love Element

    Love Element Image, Poem

    "Tending the Child"

    Wrapped in a love without measure
    We celebrate the light
    Growing together
    We unfold in profound wonder
    Sharing the world in sweet innocence
    Opening to ourselves
    In a font of miracles
    We shepherd a fresh existence
    Bringing out our best
    In infinite gratitude
    And inexhaustible love

    In what ways are we attuned
    to the soft quiet,
    nurturing the preciousness in being

    Love Element Contemplation

    Inviting the Element of Love, Tending the Child, into your sacred circle, you are elegantly guided into the precious blessings echoing through the heart.  With the inclusion of Love, all of the Feng Shui Elements; Earth, Metal, Water,  Wood and Fire come alive, weaving together gifts of expanding harmony.  Breathe deeply ... Envision Love as an altar in the center of your heart bathing yourself in the harmony of sweetness ... coming home.

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Displaying your Worlds of Good Fortune Blessing Silk as an art scroll adds beauty
to your home while balancing and stimulating positive life-force, Ch€™i energy.

Amazing Silk

Silk, the strongest natural fiber known to man is a prism shaped, "natural" protein fiber.  Each silken fiber refracts light, energizing the silk as a crystal is energized by the sun.  The shimmering appearance, for which these silks are prized, emits photon (light) energy in a wavelike phenomenon, which allows the silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles emitting soothing, nurturing frequency patterns, activating and balancing the Life Force Energy (chi or prana) of the wearer.

Silk€'s combination of softness and strength has made it a favorite fabric for almost 5000 years.  As a natural protein fiber fabric, silk can keep its original color and texture for years if properly cared for.

A Word from Diana Wesley, cofounder of The Healing Silks Company

"What I felt first when wearing a Worlds of Good Fortune silk is the amazing beautiful colors exalting my body.  Each scarf presents worlds of possibility. 
Over one shoulder I am draped in a rainbow of vibrant healing colors and on the other shoulder lays a completely fresh look, an extended landscape dancing in counterpoint - colors encoded with healing for mind, body and spirit.  
Playfully draping two scarves around my neck, feeling resplendent, I danced out onto the patio. The sun is shining bright ... something we notice here in Oregon after a long wet winter.  I hear the sound of water falling from our koi ponds ... and then I feel a charge - a shift in my relationship with the scarves ... Oh my!  
As the sun begins to enliven the silk fibers I am filled with rush after rush of goose flesh.  The silk comes alive for me in this moment. These wonderful silks designed by Trea carry a truly beautiful healing frequency.   
I am blessed to share in this project.  Worlds of Good Fortune silks, what I call 'BlessingScapes' nurture our well-being as a gentle healing gift of luxuriant pleasure."

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