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Art Giclee

Feng Shui Love Element

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"Worlds of Good Fortune"

original watercolor 20" x 60"
by Trea Christopfer Grey

The Poem and Painting, "Worlds of Good Fortune",
Express the Love Element

Worlds of Good Fortune 

Hearts in space
Gathering love
And sharing inspired vision
Bathing creation
In ecstatic delights
We can rest easy
This is the dance
Of heaven on earth
Endowing us 
With all the happiness
Heaven affords
Let us breathe deeply,
Our ships have come home

The Answer Mark™ Represents Comtemplation and Discovery

How do we further the love that flows to us

An Invitation to Explore the Love Element

Click to experience all the images in the Love Element GalleryWhen you choose to bring to life personal and spirited ceremony, you open yourself to receive gifts from the subtle harmonic frequencies of nature.  The senses awaken energized.  Inviting the Element of Love Click to experience all the images in the Love Element Gallery into your sacred circle, you are spontaneously lifted and elegantly guided into the precious blessings echoing through the heart.  

When the genesis and path of creation is nourished in Love, golden opportunities evolve into more than we imagine ... such as the joys that blossom when you transform a static structure into a sensitive and beautiful living space.  With the inclusion of Love, all of the Elements; Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire come alive, weaving together the gifts of expanding harmony.  Love is the sacred central fire bringing life (ch’i energy) into all of our living spaces, bathing us All in the gardens of 'Heaven on Mother Earth' ... HOME.  

The Love Element Gallery, within the Feng Shui Galleries, gathers together all of the Heartland paintings that are composed with a relatively equal balance of all five Elements represented in these galleries; Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.  Within each painting, the female/male (yin/yang) energies are in balance, dancing in harmony and playing in concert with you.

Fresh and Exciting Ways to Embrace the Love Element

Worlds fo Good Fortune Blessing Silk Scrolls and Scarves...

Love Element Silk Blessing "Tending the Child", one of 6 sumptuous designs embracing the five Feng Shui Elements, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire  and the sixth Worlds of Good Fortune signature Element of Love.  Engaging with these flowing works ot art awakens and releases blessings, enhancing creativity, harmony and effortless flow.

    Feng Shui is an Eastern modality offering productive guidelines for cultivating harmonious relationships with our living environment.  Worlds of Good Fortune dances in concert with these principles as each of the six Blessing Silks reflects and magnifies our dynamic Earth Element Contemplation nature and inherent wholeness.

Feng Shui Altar Cards...

Love Element -
One of six of the
Feng Shui Altar Cards

Breathe deeply ... Envision the Love card as an altar in the center of your heart and then place the card in the center of your living space. This grounds your abode in Love, bathed in the harmony of sweetness ... coming home.  

Rest easy!

The addition of a faceted crystal in the center of your living space harmonizes all with a rainbow of colors and vibrant aliveness.  Displaying the Feng Shui Element of Love card, facing the Southwest or Northeast, near an entrance wall, is a reminder that “Love is always present here.” 

The circle is complete.  The dance perpetually moves you to the center of being.  Like the nautilus shell, you are carried in a spiraling force, leading deeper into the essence of Love.

When writing on the enclosed altar card stationary, consider including a prayer giving gratitude for all the ways you further the Love that flows to you.

Embracing Feng Shui in your home, feeling the ease and grace of “wind and water” flowing through you and your abode, you can move into the world and the universe in harmonious flowing grace.  Your mind, body and spirit is at peace.  You touch all beings with a gentle passion from your heart, inspiring creativity to come forth from us All.

Visit the Worlds of Good Fortune Feng Shui Elemental Galleries...

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