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Art Giclee

Worlds of Good Furtune and Numerology
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Each numbered Worlds of Good Fortune poetic blessing reflects a special tone for a  day - it could be a tone for this day, or perhaps for the date of your birth, anniversary or upcoming wedding.  We have had much fun playing with this numbered system, often using a friend’s birthday as inspiration.  Consistently, time after time, magic is revealed.  The blessing assigned to a given date has been uniquely perfect for that moment.

1.   Worlds of Good Fortune 
2.   Holding Sacred Space 
3.   Convergence 
4.   Gentle Persuasion
5.   Passages 
6.   Living Memory 
7.   Perfect Response
8.   Cultivating New Roots 
9.   Speaking Through Light 
10. Wide Open and Refreshed 
11. Sharing the Word 
12. Inherent Destiny 

24. Emergence 
25. Pivotal Landmark 
26. Seeing Through
27. Ignited Passion 
28. Awakening the Senses
29. Seeding Possibility 
30. Raising Matters of Heart 
31. Graced in Time 
32. Through Portals Aligned 
33. Sailing Free
34. Awakening in Glory 

13. Communion
14. Songs of Illumination
15. Gentle Passing 
16. Contemplation 
17. Magnetic Return
18. Together Again 
19. Open to the Touch
20. Tending the Child
21. From the Garden To the Garden
22. Rejoicing in the Wellspring
23. Open Reception
35. Steps Out of Time
36. Beneficial Innocence 
37. Simply Here 
38. Welcoming Dreams
39. Open Invitation
40. Blossoming Stillness
41. Flirting With Affection
42. Into Me Through Me
43. Shaping Our World
44. Awash in Spirit 
45. Enjoy the Ride
46. The inner Companion
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