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  Ranjita Enocha Ryan and Your Heart's Home

There is a place that has been created and designed just for you, and it is called "Your Heart’s Home." It is a place you can come H.O.M.E. (Heaven on Mother Earth) to your Self. Your Heart’s Home is a unique private retreat sanctuary, set like a jewel in the heart of majestic Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, AZ, in the midst of powerful vortex energies. This is a mystical place between the worlds, a portal into magical time and sacred space, where you can relax your body, quiet your mind, open your heart, release your emotions, and commune with your soul.

Trea and Kimall say...
Wisdom abounds in the natural and majestic landscape that surrounds the retreat, Your Heart's Home.  Ranjita is the jewel at the center.  And whoever has the fortune to explore their heart in the presence of All this treasure, is surely blessed beyond measure.

  Gabrielle Young Performance and Recording Artist

Gabrielle Young is a visionary performance and recording artist. She is also a teacher, healer, and mystic whose programs and performances anoint consciousness through Sacred Sound, Vibration, and the Word.

Gabrielle is well known for her awe-inspiring peformances of the poetry of Rumi and other spiritual Masters. She collaborates with wonderful musicians, celebrating ecstatic reunion with the Beloved.

Uttati Int. Aromatherapy
Over 300 Pure Essential Oils, 200 Synergistic Blends, Sufi and Chakra Blends.
Uttati oils are recognized internationally for their refined frequencies, potent healing properties and exquisite fragrance. There are no additives, extenders or preservatives of any kind in Uttati oils. These pure essential oils are derived from the regenerating and immune system of organic plants. The oils are extracted during the first press of the distillation process. Benefits are enhanced through sacred practices such as meditation and chanting divine names.

Trea and Kimall say...
Gabrielle is  highly sensitive and nurtures wisdom in many flavors. She is the voice for the spoken word on our new CD, Unveiling the Gifts and and has worked intimately with Worlds of Good Fortune assisting in it's refined harmonic clarity.  To experience a performance or to participate in one of her guided aromatherapy trainings or Worlds of Good Fortune 2 and 4 day journeys is to experience a master at play.

  Ron and Denny Reynolds and The New Perspective

The New Perspective is like awakening from a dream to live your life from the perspective that consciousness comes first; not the other way around as we've been taught for centuries.  Life comes through you, rather than to you.  The New Perspective focuses on your power to create the reality you prefer.  Through workshops, spiritual coaching, retreats, and our books, we share the ideas and experiences that woke us up and have helped us stay awake through life's challenging times.

Trea and Kimall say...
Ron and Denny Reynolds, founders of The New Perspective offer within a trilogy of books their personal journey bridging more than 50 years in relationship.  Together, they share intimate, personal stories revealing a path that has guided their choices and shaped their world.  Each book contains a treasure box of tools that include simple techniques and wisdom to activate moment to moment transformation.  The tools are foundational, fun and simple to explore.  For those beginning a new spiritual path, their tools for transformation are easy to comprehend and powerful in their application.  Each book becomes a launching pad, a fast track into the awakening process. 

The trilogy -   
 The New Perspective: Ten Tools for Self-Transformation
  Art of Relationship: The New Perspective
 We Are Here: The Voice of The New Perspective

  Paul Hawkins and Susan Zalkind, Alabaster Gem Carvings

Paul Hawkins and Susan Zalkind are prominent contemporary American sculptors.  Their creations reflect natures simple elegance - its shapes, flowers, rockscapes, colors, faces and figures. Their functional forms - containers, bowls, and oil lamps invite personal involvement. The work is a celebration of the materials of the Earth. Alabasters are combined in each piece with other gemstones, rare fossils, mineral specimens, crystals and fine woods. The medium and the functional aspect of the work make this a most singular art form.

Transforming raw stone into vessels of beauty is the creative process that engages most of our time. It is a dialogue between the maker and the piece. The stone speaks. When we listen and respond a harmony is created and we sing together. The resulting pieces speak for themselves - they have a life of their own.

The 'spirit of the work' begins with the stone. But before that is our passion for the stone. Not store bought, our Alabaster is hand gathered throughout the Southwest U.S. The unearthing is at once a labor intensively grueling and ecstatic experience. Each discovery of a rare colored or translucent Alabaster is a portal of possibility, holding the promise and invitation of extravagant beauty. One must be willing to 'careen on the edge of the Universe' to discover this 'Queen of Stones'!

Trea and Kimall say...
Paul and Susan’s creations are truely extraordinary!  Susan’s carved roses are profound and lifelike.  It is hard to resist the temptation to lean a little closer to catch the delicate aroma of their presence. Paul’s fanciful diddlysquats carry the imagination to exalted joy where whimsy embraces a deep awe and respect for a master in his finest form. In all of Paul’s and Susan’s creations, including their dramatic bowls and lamps, you feel the love that burns from within and the joy expressed in the making.  

  Sedona Soul Adventures

Sedona Soul Adventures was founded in 2002 to create powerful, life changing retreats by helping individuals and couples reconnect with their essential, spiritual nature.

Sedona Soul Adventures helps each retreat participant rediscover and re-experience their spiritual connection and essential spiritual nature and in the process, regain a sense of clarity of purpose, sense of direction and a renewed confidence in their ability to consciously create the life they want to live.

Trea and Kimall say...
If you are desiring a personalized and spirit-filled journey while visiting Sedona, we highly recommend exploring the possible retreats available through Sedona Soul Adventures.  
Tom and Debra Margrave, founders of Sedona Soul Adventures, and their associates, (Angel Guides) will co-create with you an intimate experience, full of delight and depth with the most gifted and highly skilled practitioners this area has the fortune to offer.

  ChocalaTree Garden Cafe

Yummm!!!  A delicious food menu, (100% organic) and raw chocolate emporium.

Trea and Kimall say...
We LOVE the LOVE at ChocalaTree Cafe in Sedona - a caring and conscientious staff embracing 21rst century, health, spirit and fun.
While there, please explore and enjoy the wide array of Worlds of Good Fortune creations on display and available.

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