Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Below is a sample Reflection Within Contemplation for the painting, Cultivating New Roots

In what ways are we branching out

that stimulate fertile soil for all our relations

Worlds of Good Fortune Reflections Within

Accompanying each Worlds of Good Fortune Heartland painting is a contemplation which we call "Reflections Within." Like a deep sea diver seeking a pearl, we entered into the heart of each Heartland painting and Reflection for the Heart poem with the intention to discover their unique essential blessings. Our discoveries unveiled these essential contemplations as a vehicle to activate this same exploration within yourself.
Reflections Within is an opportunity to journey deeply within oneself and fully activate the metaphors that spontaneously arise. Simply allow space for the contemplation to live within, reveal itself and stimulate new creative possibilities, releasing your inherent inner wisdom.

Reflections for the Heart and Reflections Within can be revisited many times. Each visit is an opportunity to appreciate more fully the abundant blessings awaiting your discovery in every moment.

Within Worlds of Good Fortune is a symbol for inner discovery, the “Answer Mark™", a newly created punctuation mark that gives a fresh connotation and additional meaning to the question mark (?).  

Reflections Within are inherently more than a query.  Each contemplation offers a bridge into a haven of our own unique inner knowingness...and in this sacred sanctuary, we are fully connected and grounded in the spirit of creativity and love.  The divine love and creative power which manifests universes is a natural force moving through us All in every moment.

The Answer Mark 

The Answer Mark™ is a confirmation of wellness that exists beyond time and space - a vast wholeness that both seeds the imagination and is empowered by the imagination.  The  Answer Mark™ holds a key to All Worlds of Good Fortune ... to journey wholeheartedly into that which magnifies and clarifies our innate capabilities.  The Answer Mark™ becomes a "portal of permission," moving us forward in complete trust that within us is a universe of accessable knowledge - all the information necessary to soar in grace, confidence, abundance and joy ... resting in the peace that we are acting in wisdom.  The Answer Mark™ reflects the awesome beauty that surrounds us and moves through us in every moment, and is exuberantly activated when recognized and acknowledged in complete gratitude.

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