Art Giclee
Art Giclee

Feng Shui Fire Element

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"Ignited Passion"

original watercolor 20" x 60"
by Trea Christopfer Grey

The Poem and Painting, "Ignited Passion",
Express the Fire Element

Ignited Passion 

Touching the dream
Currents of light
Charge through us
Awakening and encouraging
Dynamic presence
Clear penetrating energy
Radiant and expanding out
Releasing vital expression
All systems are go!
These flames
Are blazing in promise

The Answer Mark™ Represents Comtemplation and Discovery

In what ways are we allowing the creative fire
to gift us through spontaneous expression

An Invitation to Explore the Fire Element

Click to experience all the images in the Fire Element GalleryThe Elemental energy of Fire is vibrant, radiant, illumining, warm and passionate. Fire Click to experience all the images in the Fire Element Gallery is a yang energy, produced by burning Wood, it’s nurturing element. It is exuberantly expressed in the colors of red, red orange and purples and is found in the shapes of triangles, points, peaks and pyramids.  Fire reflects our own inner dance, illumined by a dynamic creative nature where spontaneous combustion of new ideas and adventures abound.  Fire reflects our potency for fame and honor for our deeds.  

Fresh and Exciting Ways to Embrace the Fire Element

Worlds fo Good Fortune Blessing Silk Scrolls and Scarves...

Fire Element Silk Blessing "Ignited Passion", one of 6 sumptuous designs embracing the five Feng Shui Elements, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire  and the sixth Worlds of Good Fortune signature Element of Love.  Engaging with these flowing works ot art awakens and releases blessings, enhancing creativity, harmony and effortless flow.

    Feng Shui is an Eastern modality offering productive guidelines for cultivating harmonious relationships with our living environment.  Worlds of Good Fortune dances in concert with these principles as each of the six Blessing Silks reflects and magnifies our dynamic Earth Element Contemplation nature and inherent wholeness.

Feng Shui Altar Cards...

Fire Element -
One of six of the
Feng Shui Altar Cards

Light a candle in the South section of your home or creative space to activate the auspicious element of Fire and use the Worlds of Good Fortune Fire Element Altar Card to symbolically ignite your gift to spontaneously and expressively create.  Watch the dancing, ever-changing flame.  Feel the welcoming radiant warmth and bring this into your mind, body and eternal spirit.  This celebration and unfolding, from flame to dance, is our soul’s birthright - bringing forth manifestation through a myriad of unrestrained expressions. 

South, the home of fire in Feng Shui, is the apex of the path of our local, universal sun.  Spotlight the painting on the Worlds of Good Fortune Fire Altar Card to enhance this Sol energy.  You may also wish to place a plant nearby to signify “fueling the fire”.  

Share on the enclosed altar card stationary how you might bask in the radiance of who you are when you “light up your life”. 

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